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Principal's Desk
The Founder

Shri Vinubhai Amin

The great traditions of humanity, the skills, attitudes, manners, customs, and values which chiefly make up human culture, could be continued by intimate and informal participation in common life, while that common life, in turn, would be advanced and enriched by the special studies of formal education. This union of formal schooling with informal and intimate participation in common life provides excellent conditions for total personality development. The unified process of living and learning shouldhave the conscious aim of providing opportunity, incentive and guidance for developing every aspect of personality that is physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social and economic aimed at the betterment of society.


Shri Ushaben Pundit

Students have a standing invitation to come to my college to join me in my search. They will study the literature about spinning with all its’ economic, Social, Moral and political implications.

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